Be the Drop!


Hello everyone!

I hope you are also happy to know that the campaign was successful! It's time to debrief and give you some news of the project.

The days pass at a speed, it's crazy, if the days could just be a little longer! I imagine you want the answer to the big question of whether I'm leaving this winter or not! I like to speak with open heart and you are the first drops to my project, the first to believe in it, to encourage me, and I am sure that a beautiful story opens.

I will start in October 2020 the world record attempt and in between I will do some other records attempts like the Round Britain and Ireland in the spring and probably Marseille - Carthage in end of winter in the Med.

It's a huge job to prepare for such an adventure, if only the boat and myself were to prepare it for this winter, but unfortunately I have the financing of the boat to repay, not to mention that we have to live as well. Forgive me if from time to time I take time to communicate.

You know, I'm the only one really at the moment to manage the project, I can not afford to pay a full-time project manager or a trainer yet. Here in Lorient the majority are big Teams, and then there is me, a little (a lot) to the tear. Fortunately, I have small help from time to time but the preparation of the boat to the accounting of the company is mostly myself. The project has taken and continues to grow, first thanks to you and then now with the new partners who are gradually lining up with me. AppTweak is a Belgian company specializing in App Store Optimization (ASO) or "Mobile SEO".

Henri Lloyd for the dress and waxed!

The company Solbian Energie will replace all my solar panels with new ones!

My Yacht Club, the Brussels Royal Yacht Club (BRYC) made a small donation.

Iroise Rigging will make me a great price to replace textile cables that help maintain the mast (running backstay).

I also have something going on with a potential sponsor who will finally pay a project manager and relieve me of many tasks to focus on what I can do: Sailing!

It's clear that it's not easy every day, between a million things to do on the boat, I could write pages on the technique but basically everything must be checked, maintained, thought, everything must be known in the smallest details.

There was a lot of work to put the boat back into the water and do the heavy work that really required the boat to come out of the water. I could have extended but the boat was outside and painting work after August it's rain every few days, so I did what I needed to be able to continue these thousand things with the boat in the water and with the possibility to validate each improvement at sea. You have to juggle the weather, the work in progress, the budget, the crowdfunding campaign to conduct, a communication to follow etc :)

To be able to tsail offshore there was a lot to do and also at the level of administration and paperwork with the new ownership of the boat including with the change of flag of the sailboat. It still remains to reprogram all the safety numbers with the new data, a informatic joy. The safety equipment, revise the winches, add reinforcing patches to the mainsail and a lot of other things. In a week I think I'll finally be able to go for a trip between England and Belgium and celebrate my birthday in my homeland! You will receive news from me in the days that follow regarding your counterparties. I also take the opportunity to create a newsletter to my site as promised I will add you. It took a few days to collect the funds, obviously as expected there was the commission of Ulule, and there is a lot of work to be done to return all these amounts case by case in the account!

Back to work and see you soon!

Gaetan, #bethedrop