Stay Strong! #covid19


Squal on the horizon!

There we can say that we are having a hell of a breeze in the face, and the boat was full sails up! It’s a bit like this picture of the situation that I have in my mind.

We see how quickly the world can be stopped and completely overtaken by a virus, like a sailboat which has not seen the big black cloud which was beating down on her and which has not reduced her sails in time, result the boat is knock down and there is a risk of breakage.

I am also confined, it is clear that I had not planned this, I remain dumbfounded in front of the magnitude of the situation and sincerely hope that things will improve.

As a freelance I admit that it's pretty scary not knowing where we're going, always looking for partners, but I'm keeping my spirits up, I'm going to do this round the world with Be the Drop! What ever it takes !

Let's stay positive, at least the planet is breathing a little! It's almost springtime, she's cleaning up;), that's how it is.

For the moment there is nothing that changes to the project, with a departure at the earliest for the end of October, normally all that will be behind us, well that's what I hope, we can always imagine the worst but in China and Italy the virus is going down so there is hope.

I have not taken the time to write a blog for a while, I was fully on the search for partners, and on water training and physical preparation.

The media are on the project and There have been some press articles and an interview by Le Telegramme and Ouest France, other articles will soon arrive in Belgium in the « Libre Belgique » and « La Dernier heure », you will find them in the press tab here on the website and on my Facebook and Instagram page.

In recent weeks, I have accumulated the sailing trainings in strong winds, there have been lessons to be learned from time to time beautiful bowls, the job that comes in.

I take advantage of these days on land to note all that I could see which was not going too well for the world tour, to organize the next yard according to all that remains to be done to be able to leave serenely to conquer the record.

I’m also going to take the opportunity to push a little more in the physical preparation, as well as being well muscled and having a good cardio to be on top as soon as I can again train on the water. And review the weather and its strategies, the electronics on board, ...!

What to do apart from continuing to live in the present moment, we redo the garden, we tidy up, we clean up, we read books, because we are going to defeat this virus!

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well, let's continue our efforts, so that we can finish it as soon as possible!


See you soon,