Last day for the crowdfunding to help : Sunday 02/08 Midnight!


Hello everyone!

As you probably know this last month will remain well for me, on June 29 our little Camille was born, a wonderful little shrimp weighing 3kg190! The mother is doing better and better and I can sail offshore again!

The crisis takes me head on, I don't want to tell you how difficult it is, my project is heavy to bear especially without money, but those who know me well, know where I come from and that I get out of my glitches, it is this strength that will also help me during this world tour because it will take place this year or later!

I wanted to give you news and there is a good one: The 2nd fundraising has been reached!

We had reached the amount the day before yesterday, as you know we proceed step by step with this kind of financing, the first level was € 5,000 and it is done. :)

To be able to leave this winter, in addition to being a race against the clock, I still have nearly 30,000 euros to find, so exceptionally the organizers of the campaign on the Ekosea platform have added 3 more days which means that ends this Sunday August 02, 2020 at midnight!

So here we are, I hope we can still raise the pot, little by little we are getting closer to the goal yet without financial sponsors, but on the other hand thanks to you and my technical partners.

The sails are new, the safety equipment is there, big changes have been made, the boat is almost ready!

With a little hope it's really playable for this winter!

The Link is right here: