Covid and post lockdown



First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are holding on, that this ugly virus has not affected you.

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To say that 2020 was going under the wheels and then Bim, Caramba ... We didn't see that one coming!

I will not dwell too much on my thoughts in the face of this crisis management, of the incomprehension of arriving there, or of the laws which have a logic that I still cannot understand, but for those who know me well, we will say that yoga was necessary! Having always lived adventure, fresh air, freedom, I was like a lion in cage ...

I was able to do some work on board during the confinement, it was not really simple since everything was closed or almost, had to do with the means on board. By cons physical preparation there it did not idle! Between 5 to 6 sports sessions per week, between video conference and crossfit-style home course. It is important to leave with a good physical condition and then in confinement it made me a lot of good to evacuate by doing push-ups, pull-ups, lifting weights, jump rope and without forgetting lots of exercises of sheathing that our coach Stefan (thank you!) from the Pole of Lorient Grand Large who was happy to make us sweat behind his webcam!


It was a bit complicated for me to give you news via the blog, I was waiting to see a little more clearly with everything that is happening at the moment.

A real hodgepodge, between closed borders and races that cancel each other out.

Well, it is not yet won, but now we are starting to see a little more clearly, unless it is gone for a lap, then there ...

You can imagine that without the budget and with everything that is going on, I was and I remain in uncertainty if I will be able to leave this winter or not. I obviously want to make a lot of changes to the boat for the solo round the world trip and its pitfalls, but for that I need a budget. We still have to streamline it, gauge it, add weight to the bulb, the satellite subscription for communications, the new tips, the list goes on and on.

The sinews of war is money, you know it's been almost two years since the project took shape, I put all my savings into it, I work without pay from the start, everything goes by, it's still the biggest project of my life, so much physical and moral investment that it is almost unthinkable to tell myself that it is dead for this year.

It’s the flop that speaks, I don’t know how to explain it but I know I have to do it around the world.

It's a great story, this project was able to start thanks to my friend who I prefer to remain anonymous but his nickname on board is "Ted", who has believed in the project for a long time. He offered me a financial loan for the purchase of the boat and the many first expenses that had to be made, like some sails, and the site of first takeover.

A few days ago, he reassured me about the current situation; if for this year I can't find the budget through sponsorship but if I manage to find the rest of the budget that is missing to be able to leave for example through crowdfunding, in minimum mode but well secured, without too much but just what it takes, he too agrees to let me try this record and postpone the credit for a year…

So here the goal of this blog is to ask you a question, to probe you, to you my first donors and to all those who would like to participate financially and who had not been able to the first one, I would like to know what Do you think of the idea of ​​redoing a crowdfunding camapign in order to raise the minimum budget to leave?

Looking at the estimated budget, if we do the necessary on the boat with 50,000 € then either the boat and I will be ready to go.

We had raised 23,000 € at the first collection in less than a month. Many friends have obviously already done what they could and I do not want to abuse these questions, I believe even more today that solidarity is the key to the future.

Many of you believe in me, and I would find it great to be able to display even more drops on the hull and sails!

I await your reactions, your responses before relaunching a new campaign, we are already so far that it is not to give up!


See you soon !


Gaëtan, GT