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Hi all !

I hope everyone is fine, I guess you already thinking about the spring with these cold days, and we're not even in the winter!

The trainings and the preparation of the boat still on it’s way no matter the weather.

I spoke of the cold because I do almost everything with my bicycle and it is true that when there is frost in the morning, you need a bit of motivation! After that it is often a question of equipment, with a good hat and gloves it is already much better.

This is what it takes to be a leader.

I hope you too start acting for the planet, I’d love to see you sharing your actions on my Facebook page, you could sign "Be the Drop", that the stock wave will become a Tsunami!

Also if you know contacts with companies, ask me the sponsorship file, the search for partners is full on !

I imagine that the curious wonder a little what I make, or how it is preparing a world tour, you're lucky I'll do a little topo here for you!

In my preparation, I take care of my nutrition, I do a lot of bodybuilding and cycling, I have always been pretty athletic, practicing Thai boxing, karate, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Martial arts and combat sports are super physical. Add some gymnastic, and the pullbar in addition are my assets to succeed!

Crossfit sessions resume, I want to be on top, we have a year in front of us, it's not that long! I’m in commando mode!

My sailing trips are quite sporty, it is maneuver on maneuver, I take the boat in hand from all angles in sustained and varied conditions, see what may break, watch the reactions, I’m trying to become the boat in itself.

I already have a lot to tell, the story has begun, we have prepared a schedule with races of the circuit Class40 for spring to confront a little to others, which is the best training, all we need are partners !

At the time of the purchase in July, the boat was out of the water, I was there when we took the mast off and removal of the keel. On this sailboat and as on many offshore racing boats, it is necessary to do a rather periodic check-up and then for the handling of shipyard it is easier if the boat is low and without her keel, it is almost 3 meters won. A scaffolding inflates the budget!

There was a little bit of work to do as with any secound hand boat, but to be able to go serenely around the world, there is a lot more work to be done. Some works can be done afloat, others need to be dry.

The challenge with the boat yard, the budget and the search for partners is to be able to do some repairs, the different jobs, alongside the sponsoring camapign, the comptability a little bit of everything, every day!

Coming back home full of dust or paint, to quickly refine the website or the power point presentations, and all that to translate in two languages!

The challenge also and above all was to be able to train to validate what there would be to make the boat reliable. It goes both ways, sometimes we think that it's like that, that there are no changes to make, and other times when we see for example a weakness of 'a piece.

It was necessary to do as much as possible when the boat was out of the water : like the bridge, I did all the anti-slip paint that covers it, the old had had its day, it slipped everywhere. The hull too, so the underside of the boat which is all the time in the water, and had not been cleaned for a long time, which has degraded that paint called "antifouling" which prevents seashells, algae, barnacles to settle in and can slow down the boat considerably. It must be like a baby scin to surf fast!

 (You can watch the video episode 1, on my site in the video tab or on my Youtube page)

To do these big painting jobs, everything had to be removed, fittings, electronics, ropes, but by the way it allowed me to check a lot of parts.

Now it is certain that winter is not the best season to sail or work outside, especially because of the light days and low temperatures for mastic and paint jobs. I am glad that the bridge is done, because here it would be a little mission in winter!

On the side you have to find sponsors, prepare your files, your website, start a business, evaluate a budget and so on.

It's a full-time job, with the risk of ending up without a penny and not succeeding.

We believe it, and from the beginning I followed my instinct, there are days when it happens to me to question everything, and then as soon as I sail, when the boat starts to surf the waves then the morale comes back, with the desire to leave, bubbling deep inside me!

I've known this all along my journey, on land or at sea, it's the same thing, there are always highs and lows, cyclones, high pressure systems.

But we get there, the inside of the boat is totally different, there is full watertight bukhead, and at the moment I'm working on the access doors to the cockpit, which were also not waterproof and poorly designed, I'll talk about it in my next blog with pictures and why not a little video showing you the inside of the boat and evolutions.


See you soon,


Gaëtan - Be the Drop!