Transat Jacques Vabre Class40


Hello my friends,

Hope everyone holds up!

It's time to give some news J

My daily life does not really change, I am desperately still looking for partners, I confess that I’d rather be writing to you to tell you that I have signed with a sponsor! That’s why I’m a bit silent these days.

But lately there is a lot of things being done in underwater mode, without advertising too much on social media.

You don't know how much I resent myself for saying and believing that I could left last year, or this year for the record attempt despite the contract not being signed.

This is a good lesson and this is how you learn.

The thing to remember is that I never let go, I can change my mind, I adapt but the final direction remains the same, to sail solo round the world nonstop.

Now winter is over, my trusty "Be the Drop!" "Remained afloat, while I was off to deliver a 20-meter yacht, a Jeanneau 64, they needed a skipper for the Atlantic crossing, so I at least I did some sailing !

It had come at the right time, I was starting to seriously worry about the no-budget suite ...

The record attempt is still part of my projects, it's a dream that I have wanted to achieve for a long time and as the saying goes, you have to follow the river, even if it means taking a little more time, it's not a straight line. but we'll get there!

Many of you follow me and among you the donors who participated financially in the crowdfunding collections, I still wanted to thank you because without you I would not be here today still hoping this can be done.

Your drops will stay on board no matter what.

To think we were almost there ...

Now we have to move forward even if it means doing one or two Class40 seasons and making the record later.

Indeed, it seems easier to sell an offshore racing project than a record itself.

The races organisations offer a media guarantee, which the record do offer it too but especially in the event of a success.

This year, November 7, 2021 will be the start of the famous Transat Jacques Vabre, a double-handed transatlantic from Le Havre in France for a finish in Martinique.

For those who do not know, here the link :

I wanted to explain to you that I work with another skipper, Sébastien Desquesses.

I was won over by his willingness to want to sail with me and his motivation to get involved in the project and in the search for partners, and we hope to find partners for the 2021 championship races.

In fact, on the Class40 circuit, there are a lot of races which are run in doubles and in order to keep the boat and to be able to assume the credit, I have to find solutions. Hence the fact of teaming up with another skipper became obvious.

The calendar of races for which we are looking for partners is as follows:

If you want to discover the webstite of the Class40 here is the link :

May 30 the Normandy Channel Race

June 27 les Sables Horta

July 9 Horta Les Sables

8 August Rolex Fastnet race

November 7 The Transat Jacques Vabre


In the meantime, I continue to train on land or at sea and to keep the boat in good sailing condition and to prepare for the future worksite.

We are giving ourselves until the end of June to find partners, do not hesitate to talk about it with those around you,


see you soon,