Happy New Year 2020!


Hello !

I hope you had a great time during Christmas and New’sEve, and that you are ready for 2020!

These past weeks have been very busy, great meetings have taken place and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you my team who is supporting me in this challenge.

The website is totally new and was done by Gwénael Guigueno from Simply Web, the graphics by Séverine Lagadec from Callyleo Design.

Clémence Guillemot and Com’Ecko help me with the communication, and if you are thinking of someone as a sponsor you can contact Aymeric Julé directly, who is the manager and responsible for Partners.

My coach and weather routeing Hervé Laurent helps me in preparing myself and the boat with his extensive racing experience and his precious help with monitoring the weather and finding the best route to break the record.


The season is about to start, the first race on the calendar « The 1000 miles des Sables » and  I really hope I can do that one, according to the budget. A departure on March 30, 2020 from Les Sables d'Olonne to round the Fastnet and back to Les Sables. It’s a solo race which is perfect for the objective of the round the world.

It’s the perfect training to race against other Class40 and their skipper.

There will be more efficient boats but the goal is to learn and to spend some nights offshore alone racing.

The winter sailing help a lot in my preparation, whether solo or with crew, there are always lessons to be taken, the strong wind, the cold, the delicate navigation with all these stones and rocks which make this Brittany a perfect area for 'trainings.

The boat loves the wind, it's a pleasure to feel her go off on a surf as soon as the sails inflate a little, it's like a big dinghy. 

On the other hand, the cockpit is not very dry and protected from out from the spray and in the event of capsizing the washboards need to be more efficient when closing them.

We scratch our heads to find a solution, to make life on board less stressful when it blows. All without having to do a huge yard and spending a lot of money, especially that we are looking for partners.

 It’s not for nothing that one of the Vendée Globe’s big favorites Alex Thomson, skipper of Hugo Boss, has a completely closed cockpit to stay as dry as possible. This is important because what wears out is the cold and constant humidity.

We are planning to do the boat class rules certificate so that we can race from the start of the season, as soon as there is a change of owner the boat must be weighed again and laid down at 90 ° for the righting test. As we have made a lot of modifications, weto do it before racing. We will take the opportunity to add some weight to the keel bulb in order to gain performance around the world.

This operation can start only when the budget is assured.

Then there are lots of small jobs to do that are less expensive like installing the new solar panels received from our technical partner Solbian, but we can say that the weather is not helping right now.

I’m sailing as much as possible and make a lot of sport/fitness to get ready, all we need is a sponsor !