A new crowdfunding campaign is now online



I told you about it in my last blog, following the COVID-19 crisis which is not yet over, finding sponsors in times of crisis is even more difficult than in normal times.

Your general response was to go for it, to launch a campaign again, it was really nice to have these positive feedbacks, thank you!

Today, I'm going back into the adventure with the intention of being at the start this winter to try to beat this record!
Of course, we are still looking for partners, the files have also been updated and you can download them from my site.

The project is already well underway, we are almost there but to participate in this record, there is a lot of equipment to replace and still a final work to do.

So what is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is an innovative, alternative, united and participative way to find funds to finance a project.

In most cases, it is the association of a large number of people investing an amount (even a symbolic one) that allows project leaders to find the requested funds. It is with EKOSEA, the 1st crowdfunding platform dedicated to OCEAN and the ENVIRONMENT www.ekosea.com, that I am organizing this campaign.

Here is the link :https://ekosea.com/en/crowdfunding/417-be-the-drop-votre-nom-autour-du-monde

The principle is simple, you discover my project, do you find that it corresponds to your values? Then you just have to register if you have not already done so and choose the amount of contribution and in exchange you will receive a consideration.

There is no small amount !!! Because if everyone I know put even 5 or 10 €, the goal would be reached! 

You can also contribute without receiving compensation for the amount you want!

This crowdfunding campaign should allow me to raise a minimum of € 5,000 in order to finance at least the fixed costs of the boat and keep the project alive!

I appeal to you, my first followers!

So now join me in this adventure by clicking on this link:

Many thanks for your support, see you soon on the water or at the quay 
Gaëtan "GT"